Non Tarnishing Decorative Gold

Range of alkaline gilding solutions formulated for ease of control and colour consistency.

Downloads: TDS

If you require an MSDS download then please submit an enquiry form (note the sub product).

Gildaura 3N
Gildaura 4N
Gildaura 4NR
Gildaura 5N
Gildaura 5NR
Gildaura 9CS
Gildaura 9DF
Gildaura 9PY
Gildaura 14MR
Gildaura 14MRS
Gildaura 15P
Gildaura 15PB
Gildaura 18G
Gildaura 18L
Gildaura 18MY
Gildaura 18PL
Gildaura 22G
Gildaura 22GM
Gildaura 22Y
Gildaura Base
Gildaura Silver