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NIBRITE SB -Advanced Semi-Bright/Duplex Nickel Process

This hyper-concentrated additive system has been developed to provide a semi-bright/satin Nickel finish with the versatility of working as part of a duplex or Tri-Nickel process.
This highly stable system exhibits excellent throwing power and consistent surface aspect using a single additive.

With a medium hardness value of 530 HV, Nickel SB operates equally well as a final finish or undercoat for Nickel Chrome applications.

STEP Testing results can be viewed in our Technical section on our home page.

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NIBRITE 5500 – Simply the best fully Bright Levelled Nickel you will ever use

A truly innovative formulation using an additive system that is truly unique to PMD Chemicals. This three component system combine a Bright-Carrier with a pure leveller and wetting agent. Unlike conventional systems our Leveller is exactly what it is, containing no Brightener and Carrier components, this gives the benefit of controlling and improving the Levelling properties of the process without effecting other parameters.

Nibrite 5500 will outperform any bright Nickel even on the most difficult to plate components exhibiting excellent Brightness, Throw and Levelling.

Download a TDS in our Chemicals – GMF section.

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