Full kit inlcuding rectifier , hull cell and test panels

Gravitrol SG7000

The Gravitrol SG-7000 provides accurate, reliable control for nitric acid based tin and solder stripper processes. The Gravitrol SG-7000 continuously monitors process specific gravity and automatically adds fresh stripper solution when the specific gravity climbs above the user-defined set point.

Filter Pro RS 5050

The FILTERpro RS-5050 separation unit is a high capacity continuous process filter that quickly and efficiently removes dry film particles from stripping solutions. The RS-5050 extends solution life and lowers operating cost while providing a cleaner more efficient stripping process.

Auto Strip PC5040

The AUTOstrip PC-5040 provides accurate, reliable control for resist stripping processes. The AUTOstrip PC-5040 controls solution concentration, resist loading and, most importantly, process breakpoint.

Etch Pro CC 4000

The ETCHpro CC-4000 provides accurate and reliable control of your cupric chloride etching process through independent measurement and adjustment of the three critical control variables: cupric chloride concentration, free acid and total metal loading.